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Policy Terms and conditions

Policyholder: any individual between the ages 18 and 65, who is allowed to participate in the policy, in terms of the eligibility conditions as stated in the Policy Document. A
Policyholder must live in South Africa. If the policyholder is a foreign national he/she must have a valid passport and work permit.
Dependents: means a Spouse, 6 biological children.
Spouse: a person married to the Policyholder by law or tribal custom, which shall include a Common Law Spouse
Common Law Spouse: a person who is deemed by Vodacom, at its sole discretion, to be a spouse, considering the circumstances of each case, and shall include, where applicable,
customary marriages, civil partners or life partners.
Child: an unmarried child of the Policyholder, younger than age 21 years, including a stepchild, posthumous child, an illegitimate child, a legally adopted child or a stillborn child
(must be stillborn from the 26th week of pregnancy). Only 2 stillbirth claims will be accepted per family during the term of the Policy. Cover for Children is extended to under age 25
years if the Child is a full-time student at a recognized educational institution. This does not include part-time and correspondence students. Children who are mentally disabled or
totally and permanently disabled before age 21 years, who are unable to care for themselves, are covered until cover for the Policyholder ends. Details of a newborn child must be
submitted to Vodacom within 3 Months of birth. Details of any children of a Common Law Spouse, illegitimate child and stepchild must be supplied to Vodacom at the time that the
Policyholder takes up a policy, as failure to provide this, may result in a repudiation of the claim by Vodacom Life.
Extended Child: A child who is 18 years or younger and does not qualify to be a Child but is financially dependent on the Policyholder in the event of their death. Up to 6 Other
Children may be covered.
Extended Family: Family members, who are dependent on the Policyholder for financial assistance in the event of their death, may be covered. These include parents, parents-in-law,
uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandparents, and children of the Policyholder who are aged 21 years and older.
Grace period: If we do not receive your premium for 2 months, we will send you an SMS to tell you about this. You will then have 30 days to settle your arrear premiums.
This insurance cover is underwritten by Vodacom Life Assurance (herein “Vodacom Life”), a licensed Life insurer. Tshipi-Noto Financial Services authorized financial service
provider FSP no: 46767 is the appointed Intermediary and a Binder Holder. Tshipi Noto receives fees for rendering the intermediary services and performing binder functions.
The people you can cover on this policy: You can cover yourself as the policy owner (main member), your spouse and your children (up to six children). You can also cover up to 14
extended family members (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews) on your policy, provided there is an insurable interest. You can include additional
children on your policy for an extra premium (the number will depend on your plan). Please note that you must be a South African citizen, permanent resident or hold a valid work
permit to apply for this policy. Your extended dependents (extended family members) must also be citizens or permanent residents of South Africa. Your dependents (spouse and
children) do not have to be SA citizens or residents. However, if any of your dependents are foreign nationals and do not reside in South Africa, we will need proof of their identity as
well as their full contact details at the start of the policy. If your extended family members are foreign nationals but reside in South Africa, they can be covered, but we will need a copy
of a valid passport for each of them. New-born children must be added within three months of their birth, if not added within three months, the waiting period will apply as per your
policy terms and conditions.
Maximum entry age: The maximum entry age for you is 65 years and 75 years for your spouse. The maximum entry age is 21 for dependent children (25 if the child is a full-time
student). A child who has reached the maximum age can convert to their own policy within three months of turning that age. The maximum entry age for your adult dependents is 65
Waiting period: The waiting period on this cover for you, your dependents, extended family members, any new dependent or extended family, and re-joiners is six months. We count
these six months from your policy start date. No waiting period applies for reinstatements unless you were still in your waiting period when your policy lapsed. You will then have to
complete the duration of the waiting period still outstanding. No waiting periods will apply if you, your dependents or extended family members were to pass away in an accident as
long as the first premium has been paid & policy has started. If you and any of your current dependents and extended family members were insured with another insurer and you opt
for a cover amount with us that is higher than the cover amount that you had from your previous insurer, you will need to complete a waiting period for the difference. However, if a
claim event occurs while the waiting period is still outstanding, then you will receive the previous cover amount. If you take out a policy (convert your existing policy) with us and you
still have not completed your waiting period with the previous insurer, then you will need to complete the duration of the waiting period still outstanding.
Maximum cover amounts: You cannot apply for more than two policies. In the event of a claim, the claim payment will be limited to only two claims up to the value of R 70 000.
Please note that any enlargement of a coffin or casket will be covered at your own cost. Funerals outside a 100 km radius of the branch will be charged according to the AA rates or
Budget car rental areas.
Stillbirth: Stillbirths are covered automatically under this policy. A stillborn child is one that did not draw breath orshow any other signs of life after being delivered, expelled, or
surgically removed from its mother after the 26th week of pregnancy. This excludes instances where the mother chooses to have an abortion or someone else acting on the mother’s
behalf chooses to terminate the pregnancy. We have the right to ask for additional information to ensure that the claim is valid before we accept the claim, Stillbirths may be covered
under this policy provided that the mother of the child is covered in the policy as a policyholder or spouse.
General exclusions: Vodacom Life will not pay your claim in the following circumstances (this applies to any person covered on this policy):
• Suicide in the first 12 months of the policy or cover, whether the person is ofsound or unsoundmind;
• Participating in any terrorist activity, riot, civil commotion, rebellion or war leading to death;
• Death as a result of nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism and nuclear accidents;
• Wilful and deliberate breaking of any criminal law leading to death;
• The death of an unborn child due to the termination of a pregnancy (abortion);
• Providing false or fraudulent information or using fraudulent means or devices when making a claimunder the policy; and
• If the policyholder is no longer legally entitled to live and work in the Republic of South Africa.
You must provide true, accurate and complete information: Vodacom Life may cancel your policy from the start date and will not pay any claims if we find out that you gave false
or inaccurate information when applying for this policy.
How you will pay your premium to Vodacom Life: You can pay your premiums using a debit order, Persal deduction, Easypay, Stop order or Cash by the 7th of every month.
Policy start date. Your cover will only start on the first day of the current month if we receive premiums between the 1st and the 7th day of that month. If we receive your premium
after the 7th of that month, it will start on the 1st of the following month. Vodacom Life Assurance reserves the right to decline your application within 31 days of you applying for
cover. The term of the policy is 12 months and will be automatically renewable after the 12 months.
Making changes to your policy. Please contact Tshipi-Noto Financial Services if you would like advice on any changes to your cover or if you would like to change or update
your contact information.
Premium Review: Vodacom Life will not change your premium for the first 12 months (unless there are exceptional circumstances). After the first 12 months, Vodacom reserves the
right to review and change the premium and cover annually. Premiums will only change if Vodacom Life view on the factors that influence the cost of providing you with cover differ
from what was assumed when the current premium rates were set. This may become necessary as a result of, but is not limited to:
• Expected claims incidences;
• Expected inflation and interest rates; and
• The average age and demographics of the insured lives on the product as a whole.
Furthermore, Vodacom Life reserves the right to appropriately adjust the premiums charged or benefits offered on this policy if:
• Any legislation or regulation (including tax legislation or regulations) is introduced or changed, so that it affects the cost of providing your benefits; or
• The legal interpretation or understanding of any legislation or regulation (including tax legislation or regulations) changes to the extent that it affects the cost of
providing your benefits.
Vodacom Life will not increase your premiums to recover past losses or to enhance expected profits beyond those assumed at the outset of the policy. Vodacom Life will send you
written notice and reasons for any changes to your premium at least 31 days before any changes are applied.
Cooling off period: If we have accepted your application and you change your mind, you have 31 days from the start date of your policy to tell us in writing about the changes you
want to make or if you want to cancel the policy. If you cancel your policy within this cooling off period, Vodacom Life will refund your premium and recover any claim payment
Your policy will lapse if you do not pay your premiums for three months: If we do not receive your premium for one month, we will send you an SMS after the missed premium
to tell you about this. You will have until your next premium date to pay the arrear premium. If a claim event happens while your policy is one month in arrears, we will consider a
claim. If you do not pay your next premium (and your policy is now two months in arrears), we will send you an SMS to tell you about this. You will have until your next premium
payment date to pay the two arrear premiums. If a claim event happens while your policy is two months in arrears, we will consider a claim. If you do not pay the third or another
premium while the first and second premiums are still due, your policy will lapse and we will cancel it. We will send you an SMS to tell you about this. You will not be able to claim
for an event that happened while your policy has lapsed, even if you pay the arrear premiums thereafter. If you want to restore your cover after cancellation you will have to either
apply to reinstate your cover in terms of the Reinstatement clause or re-apply to us for a new policy.
Cancelling or replacing your policy: You or anyone acting on your written authority can cancel the policy by giving us one month’s written notice. You will lose all of your benefits
from the effective date of the cancellation (end of the month in which we received your last premium).
Reinstatement: You can reinstate your policy within three months from the last day of the month we received your last premium. You must pay all arrear premiums if you want to
reinstate your policy. No new waiting periods will apply for reinstatements. We will not consider claim events that happened while the policy is lapsed and cancelled, even if you pay
the arrear premiums and reinstate the policy.
C2 General
How to claim from Vodacom Life: You must submit your valid claims to Tshipi-Noto Financial Services within six months from the date of the claim event. You must give TshipiNoto financial services all the required documents before Vodacom Life can process your claim. Claims documents can be submitted personally or via electronic means. Please
contact Tshipi-Noto Financial Services (Intermediary) for further assistance. Vodacom Life might request additional information to validate the claim. You must supply Tshipi-Noto
Financial Services with the following standard claim requirements for us to make a valid claim payment:
• A fully completed funeral claim form (should be completed by the beneficiary or policy owner).
• A certified copy of the deceased’s national identity document or passport;
• A certified copy of the beneficiary’s national identity document or passport;
• Notification of death or still birth form (all four pages) – DHA 1663 (can be obtained from the funeral parlour, doctor that certified the death, mortuary, or Home
Affairs); and
• A certified copy of the computerized death certificate.
• Valid proof of banking details (a certified bank statement or a certified letter from the bank, not olderthan three months);
• For unnatural death: A police statement – should be taken to the investigating officer to complete and stamp;
• For unnatural death: An accident report
• If the claim is for a foreign national, a copy of a valid passport and a valid work permit (at the time of their death);
• If the claim is for a foreign national who is an extended family member, proof that they were residing in South Africa at the time of their death; and
• In the case of a claim for a stillbirth, a doctor’s letter confirming the age of the foetus (i.e., the number of weeks) at time of the stillbirth.
Vodacom Life will make claim payments within two working days of receiving all required documentation. Claim payments can only be made into South African bank accounts.
Continuation of cover: If you, as the individual policy owner die, your spouse (if selected) or child (above the ageof 18 years) may continue with the policy. We must be notified of
the continuation within three months of your death. We will continue the policy subject to the following conditions:
Your spouse or child must be registered as the new individual policyholder and/or premium payer, or they must nominate a premium payer;
A new premium payer may continue paying the premium without affecting the policy. The new premium payer must be:
• Your spouse or child over 18 years; a legal guardian of your children;
• Any other person who is an insured life on the policy
• A curator; or trust.
The premium will not change for any of the insured lives on the policy, including your spouse. Any new members added after the policy continuation will be charged the applicable
premium and a waiting period of six months will apply. If we do not receive confirmation of continuation of the policy within three months, the immediate family and extended family
members will not be covered.
Complaints: We hope to never give you any cause for complaint. But if you’re ever unhappy with our service or the advice you’ve received, please contact us on the following
Tshipi-Noto Financial Services, 72 Cnr. 6th street & 7th Avenue, Springs, 1560 | Tel: 086 187 4474 | Email: complaints@Tshipi
Vodacom Life, Vodacom Corporate Park, 082 Vodacom Boulevard, Midrand, 1685. 2190 | Tel: +27 (0)11 653 5000 | Email:
If we’re still not able to resolve the problem, you can contact these independent industry bodies for help:
The Financial Sector Conduct Authority: The FSCA is the market conduct regulator of financial institutions that provide financial products and financial services, financial
institutions that are licensed in terms of a financial sector law, including banks, insurers, retirement funds and administrators, and market infrastructures. The FSCA assists clients
with legislative related complaints dealing with the manner in which the regulated companies conduct themselves and any contravention of the acts by which they are governed.
P.O. Box 35655, Menlo Park, 0102,
Riverwalk Office Park, Block B, 41 Matroosberg Road, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria, 0002 | Telephone: 012 428 8000 | Contact Us (
The Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance: The Ombudsman’s role is to mediate between policyholders and life insurers when they have a dispute that they cannot resolve in a
way that’s fair, independent and objective. The provisions of the Long-term Insurance Act guide the Ombudsman’s decisions.
Private Bag X45, Claremont, 7735 | Telephone: 021 657-5000 | 0860 103 236 Email: | Third Floor, Sunclare Building, 21 Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town,
The FAIS Ombud: The FAIS Ombud’s role is to mediate fairly and independently between clients and financial services providers on matters to do with financial advice. The
Ombud follows the provisions of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS Act).
P.O. Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040 | 125 Dallas Avenue Menlyn Central, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria 0010 | Telephone: 012 762 5000 | 086 066 3247 | Fax: 012 348 3447
Policy declaration and signature
By signing this form, you agree to the terms below:
1. You understand and agree that you’re applying for funeral cover with Vodacom Life. Your policy is administered by Tshipi-Noto. You declare that the information you have
provided in this form is accurate and true, whether It is in your handwriting or not. You confirm that you’ve read and understand the information in this form. You declare that your
representative has explained the terms and conditions of your cover and you understand them. You confirm that Vodacom Life may validate the information they request and that
you’ve provided, where required. Vodacom Life will cancel your policy if any of the information is false or you did not tell us about some important Information.
2. You nominate Tshipi-Noto Financial Services (Intermediary) as your additional contact point for all communication about this policy. You’re satisfied that the plan you’ve chosen
best suits your needs and you can afford the monthly funeral insurance premium.
3. You agree that the contract is made up of the terms and conditions for the policy, the information in the application form, the policy schedule, and any changes that you might
request in future.
4. You agree that Vodacom Life and Tshipi-Noto Financial Services will not be held liable for any changes you or a person acting on your behalf make to the policy that Vodacom Life
has not accepted in writing.
5. You agree that Vodacom Life will only cover you from the start date of your policy and your policy is subjected to waiting periods.
6. You agree to nominate a beneficiary that is not a minor child. You also agree to tell Vodacom Life of any changes to your contact details or beneficiary details.
7. You agree that if you’re entitled to claim, and you do not do so, Vodacom Life will keep the benefit for as long as the law requires, while using reasonable attempts to trace you,
your estate, your dependents, or your beneficiaries. Vodacom Life can use a tracing company to find you, your dependents, and your beneficiaries. Vodacom Life can also use other
methods, including using internal and external databases such as credit bureaus and the Department of Home Affairs to find you. You agree that by giving Vodacom Life the personal
information for your dependents and beneficiaries, they also give Vodacom Life consent to share their personal information with a tracing company or agent to assist us with tracing
you, and them. The money used for tracing you, your dependents, and your beneficiaries will be deducted from the benefit payment.
8. We will not share or use any personal information collected from this form for any other purpose other than to process your policy application, administer your policy and to
consider claims (the permitted purpose). You give us consent to record, keep, and share your information for these purposes. We must comply with all industry regulations and
legislation applicable to Vodacom Life business and products. We will always comply with industry regulations in the way we receive, store and share your information.