Claiming from Tshipi-Noto

During this hard time Tshipi-Noto Funeral Home is here to ease the burial process.

Follow these simple steps to a dignified funeral.

Upon the death of any lives assured,
immediately dial any of our emergency numbers (083 280 9246 / 011 811 7753).

We will immediately arrange for the removal of the deceased.
To assess your claim and make the necessary arrangements, the following documents must be submitted:

1 - A claim form signed by Principal Member or Beneficiary (in case deceased is Principal Member).
2 - The membership certificate of the particular member.
3 - The death certificate of the deceased or certified copy thereof.
4 - Birth Certificate in a form acceptable to the insurer and/or administrator.
5 - In case of a still birth, a document certified by the official of a hospital or family and relationship of the deceased to a member.
6 - In case of unnatural death, a police report will be required.
7 - Any such document may be required to assess a claim.
8 - Claims must be submitted within six (6) months after date of death. No claims shall be honored thereafter.
9 - Funeral outside 50km radius will be charged according to AA/Budget car rental rates.